ZAGGmate Keyboard Case for Apple iPad [ iPad Accessories]

ZAGG is a very well known Case manufacturer that provides safety and other features to the iPhone, iPod Touch and various other phones. Most of the iPhone users prefer this case because it’s known for it’s strength and at the same time for not spoiling the look of the device. ZAGG recently introduced an all new case for the Apple iPad at CES, which not only acts as a protective case but also turns the iPad into a fully-fledged notebook.

The ZAGGmate is made from aircraft aluminum and provides superb protection for the iPad and also makes the whole setup look stylish. The keyboard is not always there, you can use it when you want or you can just use the ZAGGmate as a protective cover. The keyboard attaches to the case and can be synced with the iPad via Bluetooth for getting the most out of the case. It runs on a rechargeable 510mAh lithium polymer battery that will last for several weeks. Watch the video below for demonstration of the the ZAGGmate case;

The ZAGGmate case is available for pre-order on their website with and without the keyboard for $100(with keyboard) and $70(without keyboard).

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What do you think of the ZAGGmate case? Will you enjoy using your iPad with the external keyboard and the case?