YouTube Gets Some Really Cool Editing Tools and Features

You enjoy uploading videos? Specially on to your YouTube page, but are somehow not satisfied with the features provided with the up-loader? Well, worry not, because you will hereby be treated with some really cool options that will let you turn your boring 2D video to 3D and much more. YouTube has introduced lots of new features that lets you convert 2D videos to 3D ones with just a click, upload videos that are 15 mins and longer and add effects using Vlix and Magisto.

The 2D to 3D conversion isn’t that awesome, but it’s better than trying to record using two cameras and then blending them together. 3D glasses will be required on most displays, unless you own a 3D display already. Also, this is only if you really want to see what 3D looks like. Edit your videos/convert them to 3D using Edit Info.

The second feature is the ability to upload videos that are longer than 15 mins. Until now, the cap was up to 15 mins for a single video, but now that’s all gone. However, you’ll need to have a verified YouTube account to be able to be eligible.

YouTubers are some of the most innovative, entertaining and inspirational people in the world, and their creativity often needs more than the current upload limit of 15 minutes.

Longer videos are bigger in size too, and that will take longer to upload. Imagine you’re uploading a 300MB video and then the net just disconnects!! Normally you’d swear really loudly, but now you can continue the upload once the internet is back. Pretty cool right?

Last, but not the least, you can edit your videos using two new third party editors by visiting Using these tools, Vlix and Magisto, you can add effects, text, crop, cut your clips into short-clips and more.

That’s about it for the moment. You can check out all the new features the next time you plan on uploading that embarrassing video of your friend. What do you think of new features?