Yahoo Messenger Chat Client added for iChat on Mac OS X Lion

iChat is the IM tool from Apple that supports voice and video chat on your Mac Device through Google Talk, AOL and Apple’s iChat server. Recently Apple pushed out the developer preview for the upcoming Mac OS X Lion operating system on February 24 and since then all those Apple developers out there have been curiously finding out new updates and developments with the Lion. Of course you’ll have to be a developer to lay your hands on the preview for Mac OS X Lion and to see what’s new.

A certain developer iMarck90 discovered a new feature with the standard IM Client iChat on the new OS X Lion that enables a user to add Yahoo Messenger to the Client and use features such as Voice and Video chat. This was not possible with the older Mac OS X Leopard because Yahoo uses a different protocol and cannot connect with AOL or other chat clients. In OS X Lion though you can add your Yahoo account, but only chat with other Yahoo friends. It still doesn’t support Windows Live Messenger/Hotmail though.

To find out whats new in Mac OS X Lion(10.7) visit Apple. You can download the preview from the Apple Developer website using your member id.