Working Websites to Trace Mobile Numbers in India

How many times have you received calls or SMS from unknown number. Some time it’s a genuine call and many times some one is playing prank or called to disturb you. Finding the location of number, might help you to determine the identity of the caller.

Here I’m sharing list of Websites to trace mobile number in India. Obviously these websites won’t tell you the exact location of the caller but at least it will help you to find the originating state.



This is the first site which will help you to find the location of the caller. It’s one of the oldest site and very accurate with updated database of new mobile prefix.  <Link>

Trace Mobile Phone location:


This is another useful website which give useful information about any Indian mobile number like State, service provider and signaling. <Link>

India Trace:


Indiatrace is another site which represent the number you are tracing in graphical form. <Link>

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6 thoughts on “Working Websites to Trace Mobile Numbers in India”

  1. Out of all India Trace is the best one. I’m trying to find operator of one of the number 87224xxxxx. But none of the site could. Well I hope they update their database soon.

  2. look kunal. here’s how it works. all of them use a similar database source. so as they learn of new networks they add them to existing collection. the number you mentioned is new and therefore none of them are showing it.

  3. @ kunal

    it is Karnataka, Idea number. I got this from ShaPlus mobile info, which freeware for java supported mobiles to trace Indian mobile numbers. it is updated frequently and there is an SMS group to get updates about new releases

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