WinZip ZipSend and ZipShare: Share Large Files via Email or Facebook

There are one or two options that you can think of whenever there’a big file that you want to share on the internet. Certain services like Dropbox, and others help you do that, but all of them come with a minimum file size limit. Usually it’s not more than 250 – 500mb. There are other services that allow you to upload larger files, but only some of them are free. However, most people don’t use these services and prefer getting their data via email or a flash drive.

WinZip is one of our favorite tools when it comes to compressing data, including images, videos etc and they bring to us the all new ZipSend and ZipShare services that once again make sharing large files simpler. Whereas ZipSend can be used to send files and attachments via email up to the size of 2 GB, ZipShare helps you share large files with your friends on Facebook. Both of these can and are really very useful in our day to day lives.


To send large files up to 2 GB via email, you’ll have to first sign up with ZipSend and then download an application called WinZip Courier. There is a catch, as always, which says that only Pro members are allowed to send files as large as 2GB, but a normal user can send files as big as 50MB. You’ll have to shell $9.99 every month for a Pro account, so unless you send tonnes of email with attachments of 500MB – 2GB, then you don’t really need a Pro account.

ZipShare is another such web app started by Winzip, this being more interesting. Using ZipShare, one can upload and share large compressed files with their friends on Facebook. All you have to do is visit ZipShare, Login with your Facebook account and upload the files that you want to share. The maximum limit for a file is 20MB, and that’s not bad at all. You’ll be given a download link for the file that you uploaded, search for your Friend on the webapp and hit the Post button. But, there is a catch here too. Anyone can view and download the file that you uploaded, unless you send it just to your friend using Facebook messages.

Good applications don’t you think? Do give them a try and tell us what you think!