Wi-Fi Chat: Make New Friends Over Wi-Fi Networks

There are lot of applications out there that make a lot of crazy things happen, things that you’d never ever think of even trying. Yeah, I’m talking about applications, developed by all those brilliant masterminds who were rejected by the Empire.

Wi-Fi chat coldbeans

Wi-Fi Chat is one such interesting Android app, that lets you chat with your friends or even strangers over a Wi-Fi connection and on a Wi-Fi connection. It means that you can chat with that cute neighbor you never had the guts to talk to using Wi-Fi chat.

Wi-Fi chat, literally works as a friend-finder, looking for nearby people on a Wi-Fi network around you. How cool is that? And yes, you can chat without entering any password/username for a found Wi-fi network. But, the chances of that are quite rare as not everyone will have this app installed on their Android phone. So, it all depends on your luck or maybe you could slip in a note or make an announcement about this app so others will download it.

wi-fi chat wireless networks

After installation, when you open this app on your device, it automatically scans for all the available Wi-Fi access points near to you and then lets you select any one of them. Once selected, you’ll be asked to give in a username/nickname to start the chat. This will take you to the developers website, through the app and you can start discussions/conversations with strangers or friends depending on whether or not they have the app installed.

wi-fi chat join chat

The app worked pretty well on my Android device till the point where I had to begin chatting with someone, because no one had this app installed. Hence, I did not make any new friends.

It may not be the same case with you, so why don’t you try it out and let us know if it worked for you. You can download Wi-Fi Chat from the Android Market for free.