Why Jailbreaking is Useful? Jay Freeman a.k.a Saurik Answers

Recently at a Mobile Connections Conference, Mr. Jay Freeman, famously known as Saurik, the man who gave us Cydia and the world of free apps and iOS customization, spoke about Jailbreaking iPhone, iTouch and iPad and why it’s useful.


Jailbreaking is the art of cracking your iOS device and giving it access to the App Store alternative Cydia and a huge collection of apps, themes, wallpapers and much more. It’s not done by most people, and if you believe it or not, only 8.5% of iOS owners go ahead and actually get their iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad jailbroken. For geeks like us, it is of great importance, because a gadget to us is more than what it is to normal people. The first thing that I did when I received my iPhone 4, well the first thing was unbox it, and then connect it to the PC and jailbroke it.

Jailbreaking iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad according to some people will stop you from using the App Store for downloads….that is not true. I use the App Store every now and then, I update my apps using the App Store, and so on. Jay Freeman a.k.a Saurik also explains in the video below why Jailbreaking is important and useful according to him. The video is very informative and you can also see how the creator of Cydia has customized his iPhone 4.

You may have incurred from the video about all the cool and useful things that can be done once  you jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.  Saurik recommends the best tool for jailbreaking is RedSnow!

Some people also believe that once you jailbreak iPhone or other iOS devices, it effects the warranty and violates the agreement with Apple. That again is not true, because once you buy an iPhone, it is your decision what you do with it. Also, do read Apple’s agreements carefully, because if you don’t you might just end up in some strange Apple experiment.

Have you jailbroken your iOS device? Tell us what you like the most about a jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

[ via iDB ]