White iPhone 4 Has Modified Lens and New Proximity Sensor

The White iPhone 4 has been finally launched and is available at Apple Stores online and many other iStores in many locations across the world. The White iPhone 4 has taken a long time to arrive after the launch of the iPhone 4 and recent reports tell us why it has taken so long.

White iPhone 4

According to a complete teardown the White iPhone 4 conducted by an unknown source shows us that the Lens of the camera has been modified and a new Proximity Sensor has been added. Why have these changes been made? Well, evidently the White iPhone 4 had leaking issues when in testing due to the slightly translucent state of the white material used in the manufacture.

The Modified Camera Lens

White iPhone 4 Modified Lens

Don’t worry, your White iPhone 4 counterparts do not have a different camera, only the lens has been changed to correct the magnitude of the incident light on the white surface. You see, the material is made of glass and hence it used to cause blurriness in the photos taken using the camera. Thus, the lens had to be modified, and as you can see in the image above, the sensor has been moved back a little to stop any leak or light issues. The material used also had problems with UV rays, hence more time has gone into getting rid of all the problems with the White iPhone 4 parts.

New Proximity Sensor

White iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor

The Proximity Sensor on the White iPhone 4 has been completely changed and Apple have even done modifications to how it is placed on the front face of the phone. As you can see in the picture of the White iPhone 4 in the beginning of this post, a new slit above the earpiece is clearly visible. This was specially made to accommodate the new Proximity sensor that helps in eliminating screen use during calls.

These are the most noticeable changes in the White iPhone 4 apart from it being 0.2mm thicker than the Black iPhone 4 and the slight increase in price. The White iPhone 4 had a very good impact on iPhone sales and boosted the overall sales of iPhones in many countries. That’s something really good for Apple.

Do you prefer the White iPhone 4 or the Black one? Has anyone purchased a White one?

[ via Apple Insider Images: MacTakora ]