Which is the Best Gaming Console: PlayStation Move vs. Xbox Kinect

We were in the market lately to get a gaming console and we took a look at all the options available in the market as of today and I must say it does get confusing to choose from latest available options. This post shed some light on two of the most popular gaming consoles and will give you all that you need to know for a PlayStation Move vs. Xbox Kinect Comparison.

Not a long time ago, the Nintendo Wii was ruling the market for one reason. It had a unique gameplay experience matched by none other. Today, we have multiple options which not only do the same thing but also do it in a much better way.

Microsoft’s Project Natal has given birth to the Kinect and Sony has released the PlayStation Move. Both are available to customers in the form of a bundle with console included or just as an accessory if you already own the console namely the PS3 or the Xbox 360.

Basic difference between Kinect & Move:

Kinect uses a camera and microphone to map the players in 3D space, so there are no controllers involved. You just walk, wave, talk etc. with your console.


The PlayStation Move on the other hand includes a camera + motion sensing controllers to map your location and moves.


Surely, the PlayStation’s approach seems conventional(read: Wii-like) and not as novel and cool as the Kinect. But, is the latter actually more functional and lives up to the hype? Let’s look at the two side by side.

Where Xbox Kinect Wins?

For some people the unique gaming experience is enough to win their hearts. Here are some features that only the Kinect has to offer and not seen in the other consoles.

Screen shot 2011-02-04 at 10.27.28 PM.png

The camera has visual recognition enabled so whenever the player switches his profile automatically becomes active.┬áCasual gamers would love to play games almost intuitively without having to press any buttons. The UI is terrific. You say Xbox and any command to travel through the menu or pause a movie. Microsoft has done a great job here, in my opinion. Also, unlike Sony’s controller tracking your whole body is tracked here. You can’t kick with your leg with Sony’s controller but you can on the Xbox Kinect.


Kinect apart, it has been said that Xbox has a larger network of online players. The best titles were earlier only available to PS3 but that’s changing now. Game titles are coming up real fast for both the consoles.

Where PlayStation Move Wins?

Let’s face the truth. The best games out there need buttons. They really do. There’s no way hard core gamers like us can do without the extra moves which cannot be performed by just our bodies.


Sure, I’ll want to play on the Kinect once a while but spending over 20K INR and sacrificing in that area wouldn’t make much sense. One the PlayStation there is absolutely no lag when it comes to tracking. You move the controller back and forth, swing it in any direction and the player on screen emulates it all.

Also, the pace at which Kinect was coming up perhaps increased our hopes from it. There weren’t enough game titles at launch as compared to the ones for Sony.


Move apart, you do realize that Sony has been in the hardware market for years unlike Microsoft which only excels at software. Sony’s PS3 is a very powerful unit with a Bluray player for all your HD needs as opposed to DVD drive in Xbox. And if that wasn’t enough it’s the only console that plays 3D content as well. If you upgrade to a 3D TV sometime later this console does seem future-proof. Hardware wise PS3 wins hands down.

What are the prices?

If you already own a console you can get PS3 Move Starter Pack for Rs. 3500 and Kinect Sensor for Rs. 10000. However, you might have to purchase extra motion controllers for PS3 for multiple players so the price of these units do not really give us enough reason to put either at par.

If you want to purchase the whole bundle together along with the console Sony’s 320GB unit will cost you around Rs. 21000 and Xbox’s 4GB unit costs Rs. 22000.

Conclusion: Which console wins?

You must first decide who are your primary players and what kind of titles you are mostly going to play. Xbox will offer you the unique UI and interaction experience while Move will give you precise hardcore gaming experience. Add to that a Bluray player in the same price.

We went for the PS3 move. You can check out our unboxing pictures which we recently posted.

Let us know which console do you use or which one are you planning to get for yourself.

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  1. Me too, I prefer the PS3 Move! However, Xbox Kinect looks very appealing too… playing without controllers in your hand, that surely look awesome!

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