Where to Find Installous 4 Download Folder

The Hackulo.us team made some great changes to Installous when they released the new Installous 4. One of these changes was the location of the Installous Download Folder, where you are supposed to place the .IPA files after downloading in order to install them on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Both new and old folder locations after the break.

If you are looking for Installous 4 features or How to install Installous 4, please read Installous 4 Released by Hackulo.us with New Features.

Download .ipa from installous download folder

Though, you can always download .ipa from Installous IPA folder but I prefer to install and forget it. But, if you are on limited internet bandwidth, probably downloading app would help you to save bandwidth and install it on multiple iPhone or iPad.

We have mentioned both the new and old locations below. You just need to SSH to these locations and place your files there using WinSCP on Windows or Cyberduck on Mac. Make sure you have already installed OpenSSH on the iPhone using Cydia.

installous download folder

Installous 4 Download Folder Location:


Older Installous Download Directory location:


If you downloaded the IPA files directly on the iOS device then you don’t need to SSH as these will automatically appear in Installous.

Do let us know if you Faced any trouble locating Installous Download directory or transferring downloaded .ipa files from Installous to computer?

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  1. I did the whole jailbreak thing on my iphone4– installed Cydia, then installed installous. Now when I try to do it to my husbands iphone4, it says “cannot comply”. I have tried everything, why won’t it install to my husband phone?

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