When to buy an Apple Mac, iPod, Mac Mini or iPhone?

Customers often find themselves in a fix when they go out to buy any hardware. Whenever, we spend some money on a new gadget we try our best to future proof ourselves by making sure we are buying the latest and the best available piece of hardware out there. It would be very disappointing if an updated model was released just a week after. This guide will help you solve this problem for Apple products.

Veteran Apple users know the normal product release cycle and are familiar with the regular dates when updated systems are released but what about first time buyers? Also, not everyone is aware of the latest rumors that have been around. My father doesn’t. Clearly he also finds it very difficult to read through a lot of articles in order to conclude which Apple product is coming next and when.

To their rescue comes the Apple Buyer’s Guide by MacRumors.com – a Blog that pertains to Apple related news and Rumors, a very trusted source indeed. This guide lists a summary for the Apple devices containing all the information you would like to know before making a purchase or planning a purchase, displayed in a very precise manner which is easy to understand at first glance. The summary consists of:

  • Last release date
  • Days since update
  • Average update cycle duration
  • Recommendation – whether or not to purchase right now
  • Related rumors and news, kept up-to-date

Alternatively, you can view the Time-ordered version of the Guide which lists the products in the order in which they will be receiving updates. That means the most awaited update at the top. For category specific guides head over to the following links:

Remember, use the information from the said source only as a guideline and not the final word. Quoting the site’s disclaimer “This page is based on rumors and speculation and we provide no guarantee to its accuracy. We take no responsibility for purchase decisions made based on this information.”

Be a wise Apple consumer.

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