Western Digital Launches Massive Dual Disk 6TB External Hard Drive

Western Digital (WD) has recently launched its My Book Studio Edition II 6TB external hard drive. It is an upgrade over 2TB and 4TB models offered earlier by WD and the latest upgrade comes with 6 terabytes of storage. WD claims that the 6.54 x 3.87 x 6.06-inch, 5.2 pound (2.63 kg) weighing 6TB drive has thrice the space previously available and will store up to 1.2 million photos, 460 hours of video or 1.5 million songs. WD 6TB drive is available now online for $549.99. Western Digital is targeting creative professionals and businesses that need to store a large number of hi-definition photos and videos and other large files. It has been formatted for Mac and supports Apple’s Time Machine.

Windows users please note that this drive is perfectly compatible with Windows 7 and Vista but Windows XP users beware as you cannot use this drive because Windows XP doesn’t support hard drive capacities beyond 2TB. The drive comes with the necessary instructions from Western Digital to reformat it for Windows.


My Book Studio Edition II 6TB has several options for connectivity. WD provides it with four different ports: USB 2.0, eSata, Firewire 400 and 800. It comes configured for RAID0 which boosts performance by splitting data over two disks and it supports RADI1 which as a form of protection mirrors the data across multiple disks. But the drive does not feature USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt.

It comes equipped with Western Digital’s GreenPower Technology which uses around 33 percent lesser power than other dual-disk storage systems and it cools the hardware without the need for a fan, therefore it makes it a very quiet drive. The drive comes with a capacity gauge which tells the user how much free space is left on the drive. WD also promises that the drive is easy to open if any of the disks inside ever needed to be replaced.


Do let us know if you think this 6TB of external drive will take care of your storage need or you might need more storage? Which company do you prefer while buying external hard disk?