WayBack Time Machine- Check Past Screenshots of Any WebSite

Ever wondered how Google.com looked like in 1998?  Check out the following wonderous image :

This is not all, you can apparently view how a website used to appear say a few years back or during the time of its origin via a web application – “WayBack Time Machine” . It’s a free tool and you can check how any website is evolved over the time.

Here are how some of the very popular websites in today’s date,see how they used to appear a few years back:

Yahoo! : [1996]


Adobe.com [1996]

WayBack Time Machine provides preview of almost all websites on the internet. As a blogger you might find it useful as you can always compare your new design with old one and more over you can see a complete evolution of your blog over the time.

If none of your blog screenshot is archived, I suggest check your blog once using this tool and let  it crawl for the first time.

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