Now Watch South Park on Your iPhone for Free

It’s not quite entertaining to watch movies on your iPhone, the lengthiness sprains your neck and eyes, but it is fun to watch short cartoons or serials. I bet every single one of you here has heard of the famous cartoon South Park, maybe you’ve even finished watching all the episodes. In case you haven’t and want to watch it on your iDevice, you can do so by using this new app from Cydia called iSouthPark.

If you’re a piracy freak, then please stop reading right away. Don’t be surprised if you go looking for this app and it’s no longer available, that would be probably because of Piracy rules. Owning an iOS device, particularly one that is jailbroken, is always a treat as you get access to loads of free and cracked applications.

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Let’s talk a little about iSouthPark, an app that promises to let you watch and enjoy all of it’s 209 aired episodes, excluding specials and the movie. There is always a catch to such offers though, and although you don’t have to pay anything to watch free episodes of South Park, you will have to register at a website to make use of this app. What this app does is, connect itself to a webpage with all the copywrite South Park content and then lets you stream it using the websites video player.

This app may be removed from Cydia, but you can check out if it’s available for download right now and get to watching all those South Park episodes. You’ll of course need a jailbroken iPhone to enjoy the free content and some popcorn. I am a huge South Park fan and I’m definitely downloading this app, just enter into Cydia Search and type in iSouthPark to get the app. Download and enjoy!!

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