Watch Blocked Videos Outside US with Skyfire for iPhone/iPad

Most of you are already familiar with the Skyfire Browser which was recently released in the App Store. What’s special about this browser is that it lets you play flash videos on iPhone or iPad. However, you can also use it to watch blocked videos from outside USA.


Skyfire is available for both iPhone as well as iPad in the App Store. While the iPhone version costs $2.99 the iPad version is priced at $4.99.

If you try accessing Video sites like or CBS from outside USA you will be unable to watch the TV episodes and receive some sort of error saying that this video is not available in your region.

How does Skyfire Browser help then?

Since, Skyfire servers which are based in the USA transcode the video and then send it to you, you are able to watch the video and therefore surpass the region restriction.


Now watch full episodes of your favorite TV shows such as Gossip Girl, House, Vampire Diaries etc. online on your iPhone or iPad as soon as they become available. I watched the latest episode of the Big Bang Theory using Skyfire and the experience was great. I tried it over wifi and there were no lags at all. There might be some lags during buffering over slower networks such as GPRS or EDGE.

However, please note that it does not work with Hulu as Hulu has specifically blocked this app. If you were waiting for a solution to watch blocked videos outside USA consider the three bucks well spent.

Skyfire Browser download links:

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  1. Hi, I downloaded the skyfire app however I’m still unable to view full gossip girl episodes on cwtv… Do u kno what else I could do? Would appreciate any help. Thank you =)

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