Watch Apple’s Official iOS 5 Introduction Video

We wrote about the new features in iOS 5 earlier today as Apple announced iOS 5 at the opening keynote of WWDC 2011. However, words do no justice to the great new features in iOS 5. You’ll realize that when you watch the official iOS 5 Video Introduction.

If you weren’t able to watch the WWDC 2011 live video because Apple refused any blogs the right to broadcast live from WWDC, you can now watch the full WWDC 2011 Video on Apple’s site.

Ios 5 thumbnail

Apple has unveiled iOS 5 and iCloud and together they go on to make the iPhone and iOS range of devices the best and most capable phones and tablets. I was really amazed to see all the new features I had read about in action in this iOS 5 introduction video. This video may not be as magical as the iPad Magic tricks video we posted yesterday, but you have an iOS device you are really going to appreciate this.

I’m sure you are now wondering when you can you lay your hands on iOS 5 for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Well, unfortunately after a few months. Apple has not revealed the exact date when iOS 5 will be released but they have said it will come in the fall.

Readers, let us know which iOS 5 or iCloud feature do you like the most? For me the best new features are iMessages and the notification center.