Warning: Apple Limiting 3 Free Find My iPhone Accounts per Device

It’s by the method of hit and trial that some of us got to know this early. Apple has laid down a limit such that we can create 3 Find my iPhones account per iOS device. Earlier we told you how to enable free Find my iPhone on older iOS device by creating accounts on the latest generation iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G but we must create these accounts wisely now.

As Apple released the latest iOS 4.2 firmware, they also gave us free Find my iPhone service which earlier was a part of a paid MobileMe Service. We shared tutorials on how to activate this free service on latest generation iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and iPad and also how to enable it on older generation devices.

While we are thankful to Apple for this free service we are also disturbed by the fact that there was no documentation about the permanent nature of the Find my iPhone limit of number of accounts.



Here are the alerts you will receive once you reach the limit:

  • Cannot Sign In – The maximum number of free accounts have been activated on this iPhone.
  • Account Limit Reached – This device is no longer eligible for creating a free MobileMe account.
  • The accounts created on any qualifying device are permanently tied to the device in the sense that you will never be able to create any more of them even if you delete or deactivate them from other devices. But that’s no reason to be upset. It’s not that your privacy is being compromised in any way. You are also not going to use more than one account for your device.

    I created two accounts on my iPhone 4 – one for the same device and the other for my older iPhone 3G, bidding good bye to MobileMe services for now.

    We’ll keep you updated in case someone figures a way to bypass this Find my iPhone limit, not that we really need that.

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    1. I’ve got 5 iOS devices — one account to rule them all. Why would anyone need more than one account for the same user across multiple devices?

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