Wally: A Perfect Wallpaper Rotating App for Your Desktop

I always prefer wallpaper rotating applications for my PC because they tend to give a new look to my virtual desktop after small instances. I have tried a few of them but always found majority of these applications a bit lacking on the features front. But recently I came across an amazing Wallpaper rotating application that is a definitely worth trying. Get to know about it after the break!

What is Wally?


Wally is basically a cross-platform wallpaper centric application that is solely designed for wallpaper rotation, the application automatically downloads wallpapers from various online sources and then automatically switches them. Wally not only grabs wallpapers from local folders, it also squeezes images from remote online folders and FTP servers. But the best part is that Wally can also rotate and download wallpapers from online photo sources and communities like Flickr, Picassa, PhotoBucket, Google, Bing, Pikeo and Panoramio. Enter a keyword and Wally will return images corresponding to that keyword from multitude of online sources. Wally is basically a Qt4 supported application and boasts more features then any other desktop wallpaper application available.

Wally Features

wally features

Wally have the built-in options for preferences like setting criteria for desktop area, disk space allocated for images to be downloaded, wallpapers size and also the image history.

How Wally Works?

After the installation, Wally will reside on the system tray and can be launched from there directly. Plus users can also configure the application, set the wallpaper rotation, and explore online image sources or access image history from the Wally icon in the system tray. The settings option is also quite simple, users can set things like image rotation interval or image position (tile, center or stretch) or can even select the border color. There is a Available Modules pane as well from where users can select that whether what online sources they want to be included for wallpaper downloading.

Using the application is quite simple, you just have to select a source (local or online like Flickr) and punch-in a keyword so that Wally can fetch wallpapers. There is an Adult filter as well which ensures that no explicit images are downloaded.

Though the images will rotate according to the interval you will have set but if you want to manually change an image then you have to double-click on Wally system tray icon.

Wally is no doubt an amazing application and is something you should definitely try. It works fine on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. You can download Wally for free.

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