Wacom Bamboo Stylus for Apple iPad

Wacom, for those who don’t know, is a company that manufactures pen-based touch input devices for graphic designing and other computer related products. Recently, well yesterday, the company held a Press Event in New Delhi to showcase and launch their new Bamboo series of products, which include the Bamboo Stylus, Bamboo Pen, Bamboo Pen and Touch and Bamboo Fun.

All these products are interactive tablets and input devices that help users to actually feel what they’re designing. They also launched the Bamboo Wireless kit, which can turn the Bamboo Fun and Bamboo Pen & Touch to wireless input devices. These devices are compatible with both Windows and Macs. However, the most important and useful product that was launched at the event, is the Bamboo Stylus.

The Bamboo stylus is a perfect stylus replacement for those regular stylus that you get on some touchscreen devices. The newly announced Stylus gets new colors so that it can go well with your attire. Suppose you’re carrying an iPad 2 clad in a Pink Smart cover, wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a pink stylus too? No, I do not like pink, I’m just saying. It comes in other attractive colors like white, blue, green and orange. The stylus comes with a much softer nib that makes the touch experience easier. You can use the stylus along with the Bamboo Paper app for iPad and write notes, create pictures, maps, face sketches, the new design for Batmobile or other such things.

Our Verdict

Since the CallingAllGeeks team was invited to the Press Event, we were presented with a Bamboo Stylus as a takeaway. We tried it out with our iPad 2 and I did manage to design a new car for Ferrari. You can also use it to perform other regular tasks for which you’d normally use your finger. As this Bamboo Stylus works awesome with capacitive touchscreens too, it’s always a pleasure on the iPad. It’s nib is thinner than most otherĀ competitorsĀ out there. The stylus itself feels classy, you know, worthy of the price and the use.

At Rs. 1700, it’s definitely worth a buy if you like to use your iPad to draw things and specially if you have the Bamboo paper app. Also, if the nib ever wears, which it might, then you can get replacements for just $5(3 nibs).