Visidon AppLock: Face Recognition for Android

Security on a mobile phone is pretty much limited to lock codes and weird designs that a human brain can forget. Sometimes the lock code on your mobile phone becomes your greatest enemy when you forget it. This is where Face recognition comes in, a more advanced and secure way of keeping your mobile phone contents to yourself. Visidon Applock is an Android application that, finally, brings the much wanted facial recognition technology to Android devices.

Visidon Applock Logo

A while back, even the iPhone got this treatment with the RecognizeMe App that brought Facial recognition which actually worked. The same thing applies to this Android app as well, but unlike the iOS app, this is not a complete security option. As the name says, Visidon Applock can only be use to protect applications such as your E-mail, Messages, Facebook, Gallery, Notes etc and not the complete device.

I think that is protecting individual applications is actually better than locking the entire phone using facial recognition. Once Visidon Applock is installed on your Android phone, you can add what apps to protect to it’s protection list and adjust settings like security level and change camera orientations. You will want to meddle with those camera orientation settings only if the app doesn’t recognize your face in the initial set-up process.

Visidon Applock

After this you should be ready to lock-n-load to any of your friends place and not be afraid of leaking out confidential information about their girlfriends. But before all this happens, make sure you have a front facing camera on your Android phone, because if you don’t it’ll just leave you with normal password protection. Check out the video below for a demonstration of Visidon Applock;

Visidon Applock is available for free on the Android Market and will work well with phones running Android Gingerbread 2.3 and above with front cameras. There have been reports from users that it doesn’t seem to work with Custom ROM’s, but do try it out and let us know if it actually helps you protect your apps and doesn’t give way to someone else’s face.