Virtual DJ: Mix & Fade Music Tracks with an Ease

Computer softwares have now made it possible for users to act like a DJ without having all the stuff and skill levels. But most of these softwares come with quite a high price tag but recently I came across a great piece of DJ’ing software. Virtual DJ is the name of the utility that offers loads of options and features that enables playing with the music an easy thing and the best part is that it is totally free.

Virtual DJ Basics

Virtual DJ-User-Interface

Virtual DJ software User Interface is broken down into two parts, each of these parts has a set of controlling options for any kind of music you will load into it. You can simply load the music by dropping or dragging the files from any location on your computer. Once a music track is loaded, all the set of information that is track length, beats per minute will be displayed.

Virtual DJ Cross Fade Feature

Once you have loaded a song, pressing the virtual play button will automatically start mixing or fading process. Fading from one particular song to another is quite easy when you are using Virtual DJ. All you need to do is load two tracks and once the primary track is finished, use the cross-fade tool to switch from one track to another. By default cross fading ratio is 50/50 but you can customize it as per your specifications.

Virtual DJ also has a sync Button, this sync functionality automatically merges the beat of a track in sync with the second track.

Mixing of tracks Using Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ apart from having an easy fading feature also has a very user friendly Track mixing features. There are loads of tools available in Virtual DJ software that make Track mixing an easy task. If you want to create a Loop then use Loop Tool control bar in the lower left corner of Virtual DJ’s interface. This helps you in creating automatic loops having different length.

One more handy feature is the Hot cue, there are total of three cues, pressing one of them sets down a cue at your choice of place. Pressing the cue button again will automatically return you to the place where you have set-up the cue initially.

There is a paid version as well for Virtual DJ that offer more features like support for Hardware MIDI and HID mixers. Moreover, in the paid version there is a broadcast feature as well that lets you share your DJ’ing sessions online with your friends. You can download the free version of Virtual DJ from their website.

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  1. It’s a cool and awesome software. Have been using this for last 2 years… Easy to use and lot of effects available!

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