FeedsAnywhere : Optimize Any Blog Feeds for Mobile

FeedsAnywhere-1 Web 2.0 is in its full swing right now and the world is going through a period of social networking, RSS feeds, content sharing, mobile internet and connectivity and always connected phenomenon. One of the important components of Web 2.0 sphere is the RSS feeds. RSS feeds allow users to get automatic updates on when their favorite content across the internet is updated.

Initially available for PC users, RSS feeds are rapidly making their way into the mobile internet arena. FeedsAnywhere is a similar application for smartphones which enables users to follow their RSS feeds directly from their smartphone or other mobile devices.


What makes FeedsAnywhere better than other regular RSS readers is that FeedsAnywhere is custom designed to be efficiently used for small screeens like those of mobile devices. FeedsAnywhere is a HTML based service which makes it really easy to use. One feature offered by FeedsAnywhere which isn’t available normally otherwise is that it tracks your activity and displays your most followed feeds on top. If, however, you are worried about privacy too much, this feature can be turned off as well.

FeedsAnywhere also feature an integrated Search option which allows users to go through and Search enables users to search their material of interest. Currently FeedsAnywhere is in a public Beta and an invitation code is needed to join the service. However, FeedsAnywhere will be free to use when it is publically released.

FeedsAnywhere can be reached via this web link.

Anyways if you are an iPhone user, I would suggest downlaod and try reeder application for iPhone. So far I have found it as one of the best RSS feed reader for iPhone.