View Facebook Feeds In Real-Time with FlipToast Desktop Client

In social networking domain, Facebook is the sole spot on which we spend an awful amount of time. Normally majority of our friends hang out on this social networking hub discussing latest events and news along with other things like status updates and pictures. So in-order to cater for the need of users who are somewhat addicted to Facebook there is a pretty useful desktop app called as FlipToast.

How FlipToast Works?

FlipToast for Facebook

FlipToast is basically a desktop client for Facebook that is designed for both Mac and Windows systems. It offers a very quick and an easy method to stay connected with your Facebook buddies. What makes FlipToast different from other Facebook clients available out there is that this utility provides almost all the essential elements of Facebook like chat functionality and other notifications.

FlipToast Settings and Sidebar

FlipToast desktop app is designed in a way that it notifies you about everything related to your Facebook profile, plus it gives all the updates in real-time. The app is also distraction-free because users can keep the chat window and the sidebar in a corner while doing other tasks.

PhotoSharing with FlipToast

The utility also have some really cool photo uploading and sharing features, you just have to Drag & Drop the photo on FlipToast specify the album info and the uploading will start uploading.

Once you are done with the installation, FlipToast will pop-up in our system tray. The settings page will allow you to modify things like display of desktop notifications, posting of photos and status updates. The sidebar will be displayed on the right side of the screen but you can adjust it as per your requirements.

FlipToast is definitely an awesome desktop client for Facebook, the utility offers a seamless access to your Facebook profile. Facebook chat integration is indeed a useful feature if you happen to be a hard-core Facebooker.

You can download FlipToast for free from their official website.