Video: iPad2 Flex Test

iPhone Repair Experts from iFixyouri have made a video showcasing the durability and strength of iPad 2’s glass which as per 9to5Mac is thinner by 27% over it’s predecessor iPad 1. They flex the glass on both iPad to test strenght of the glass. iPad 2 holds up very well and doesn’t break under stress, unless really pushed too far. Check the video and see for yourself.

Before you watch it, iPad users please don’t try this with your precious iPads.

The iPad 2 seems to be as strong as the iPad but has much higher flexing tolerances. But real world situations would involve lower chances of being damaged from flexing and chances of it from being dropped on it’s corners and breaking are much higher. A series of tests where the iPad 2 is dropped from a height with different loads may have yielded more realistic results.

This tests really puts “thinner is weaker” theory to rest. With the quality of Apple products being nothing short of ‘top notch’ one can expect nothing less than an ‘awesome quality product’ from Apple every time. It would’ve been wiser to conduct a series of tests where items of varying sizes and weights were dropped on the iPad 2. No one generally, accidentally bends their iPads and damages it. Therefore we still feel that this test is half baked. It could’ve been done in a better way.

This time around, the glass on the new iPads are not manufactured by Corning, it’s made by a Japanese company – Asahi Glass. This new glass is apparently stronger than the ones found on the original iPad.

Suffice to say iPad 2 owners can rest easy, considering iPad 2 glass is indeed stronger and durable and apparently ‘iFixyouri’ conducted multiple drop tests at their office in Boston and there wasn’t a instance where the iPad 2’s glass broke under impact.

via [9to5Mac]