Video: Coldplay’s Chris Martin Performing Live at Apple Music Event

It was a welcome surprise to watch Steve Jobs welcome Chris Martin to the stage and let him sing two of our most favorite songs. The Coldplay artist sang Yellow and Viva la Vida and another unreleased song. We can’t seem to stop talking about the Apple music event held on 1st September, 2010.

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Apple indeed is into music. Even though its a business and aims only to increase their revenue, they are pretty serious about it and we only get to gain from it. And Steve Jobs’ presentation is remarkable just adding the polish to all the quality work at Apple labs.

It would have been even better to see the whole band come but a great experience nevertheless. For those of you who don’t listen to much of Alternative music, Coldplay is an English band with Chris Martin as the lead vocalist. Till date, they have received seven grammy awards out of twenty nominations. My favorite Coldplay track is Viva la Vida. This is song topped the charts in more than 30 countries right in the debut week. Check out the videos, where Chris performs live.

Video Links:

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  • Chris Martin of Coldplay performing Viva la Vida
  • Chris Martin of Coldplay performing Yellow
  • An unreleased Coldplay Song – Wedding Bells

So do we have a Coldplay fan here among our readers? Say Viva la Apple.