Video Blogging for iPhone is Back with Viddy iPhone App

If you happen to be a social networking fan then you must be in knowledge of that allow users to post small-time videos of 12-seconds about whatever they are doing or is happening in their life. But for some unknown reasons the site got closed in October. So if you happen to be an iPhone user and an avid blogger then there is good news for you because a mobile version of type video blogging has started and is named as Viddy.

Viddy iPhone ap

Basically Viddy for iPhone is a “live-streaming studio” that will allow you to compose 15-second videos along with the things like special effects and background music. You can also share and upload these videos on different social networking platforms just like you share photos on platforms like Flickr and Instagram. The thing that makes Viddy bloom is the iPhone’s video cameras. The iPhone’s front facing camera makes Viddy a perfect app for personal video blogging and will let you vent out your expressions in the form of video posts.

Viddy for iPhone Features

The app’s main features include the ability to capture a video directly from within the app or you can also import a video from your phone’s camera roll. If you choose to record the video directly from within apps interface then iPhone’s self timer will automatically pop-up helping you to clock the time for video. Moreover, if you scan a video from your camera roll, you can trim it within app interface but you won’t find a timer in this case.

Viddy Effects

Next up is the filters option, you can apply filters to your video from a built-in archive, and common filters are junked-3D and vintage. Regarding previewing, Viddy provides you with the option of previewing your edited video before sharing it on any of social networking platform.

You can also put in background music for your video, though you can’t import music from your iTunes library but there is a provision to add music and transitions directly from Apple iMovie.


Last step is to add labels to your video and select the social networking sites where you want to post your video. Apart from these features, you can also create your “fan following” by using Viddy’s “Find Friends” feature. You can develop your followers list either from your phonebook or by searching Viddy’s current active users.

I think Viddy is a nice looking app with a new concept, obviously developers need to release it for other platforms like Android and Blackberry. Though there are some drawback like a playlist option should have been there but I guess coming updates will be sorting out the current issues.

Do use it and Let us know that whether you like this innovative idea or not.

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  1. Hmm… a 15-second video is a bit too short – I think I’ll find it more annoying than fun 😀 Unless if you can talk really fast, I guess

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