Useful iPhone Tips and Tricks

iPhone is now one of the most used smart phone till the date and iOS is a feature rich smartphone. Specially, iOS brought many features which will change the way we use our phone. People who have already bought an iPhone 4S, know the power of Siri. Here we are going to talk about bestiPhone Tips and Tricks . These iPhone Tips and Tricks will help you to use your iPhone more efficiently and in better way.

Handy list of iPhone Tips and Tricks

These iPhone tips and tricks will work with almost all the model of iPhone.

How to take Screenshot on iPhone

People who are coming from symbian family of phones, they always relied upon 3rd party software to take screenshots of your mobile screen. iPhone has an inbuilt feature which will let you take the screenshot using a simple iPhone tip.
To take a screen shot on your apple iPhone, Press the home button and press the sleep/wake button on the top of the iPhone, the screen will flash within seconds and your screen shot is captured and saved to your camera roll.

iPhone screenshot tip
iPhone Screenshot tip

Domain suffix in Safari

You can easily type any domain name that is ending with “.com” by just typing the domain name like “CallingAllGeeks” instead of it will automatically enter “www” and “.com” extension to the name. This will make your task smoother and easier. This will work only in case if you have “.com” domain if you want to enter  “.in” , “.org”, “.net” then what you can do is   press and hold down the “.com” key until the other extensions appears with options  “.edu”, “.net” , now you can swipe your finger to select the one you want to enter.

Domain Suffix
Domain Suffix

iPhone tips & tricks: Save images from Safari

This is a feature that lots of users have been waiting for, when surfing through net we came across pictures that we want to save. To save any image you have to just tap and hold on image a menu will pop up asking save image or cancel. This way you can save images easily to your camera roll.

Save Images
Save Images

Add new words to iPhone dictionary

iPhone learn new words each time you type them in, it will save those words that you used repeatedly in your text, chats or messages. Each time you enter a word in your iPhone automatically correct it to some other word, what you can do is open your safari browser, and then typed in that word in Google search bar for that particular word then that word will be added in the iPhone dictionary.

Adding word to Dictionary
Adding word to Dictionary

Maximize iPhone Battery Life

Battery life is one of most important feature of any phone. A phone without a good battery life is considered as a dummy set even that phone has hundreds of cool features. There are many ways you can save your battery life or increase it, switch off those unwanted app running in background, switch off Wi- Fi when not in use. You can also use battery doctor pro app which will help you out to check your battery life and manage all the things while you are charging your iPhone.

Maximize power of iPhone
Maximize power of iPhone

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To force quit an application

To forcibly quit an unresponsive app, all you have to do is press the sleep/wake button for some time, then slide to power off screen after that press and hold the home button for 5 seconds  It will help you out in getting some free memory and resources that are not in use. Usually when we play games and then shut down them accidentally the state of the game will be saved somewhere in memory. Quitting an application will help you free out memory and free some resources for other usage.

Force Applications to Quit

Hide SMS preview

You can also hide SMS on the screen each time you receive any new messages you can hide preview of any incoming SMS. To activate this feature go to setting> messages> and turn off show preview option. This time it will only show the sender name and type of message not the content. Now the privacy is in your hands.

SMS Privacy

I hope you have enjoyed these tips for iPhone and you have any other iPhone tips and tricks with you, do share it with us.

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  1. Some of the iPod app users do not know how to Fast forward or Fast Reverse a song. Press and hold on the Next or Previous button for those functions

  2. If your screen is locked and u want to access the iPod controls, just wake up your iDevice from sleep by pressing the power button, then double tap home button the iPod controls on the top of Lock screen. Pretty basic feature, but many rookies fail to notice it

  3. What a coincidence! Taking a screenshot just came up in conversation today – was going to do a search, now I know 🙂
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