Use Your PC to Send and Receive Texts: Texty for Android

Using your mobile device to text all the time can get a little tiring, if you’ve been doing for a really long time. After a while you don’t feel like replying to anyone, and that sometimes could lead to problems. How about an extension on your favorite browser that you can use instead of your phone to send and receive text messages? That’s right, we all know how your Boss is going to react if he catches you texting someone while you’re supposed to be finishing up some work.

Texty App for Android

This is where Texty, an Android app and a Google Chrome extension comes to your rescue. This application, with the help of a Chrome extension will save your ass when it comes to sending and receiving texts without using your Android phone. Although, Texty currently works on Android powered smartphones, but not everyone can use it yet.

The app currently requires invites to be able to use it, so all you Android users shouldn’t start rubbing it on your friendly iOS, Symbian and other OS users. Texty is a very useful app, once setup you can sync all your contacts and texts to your Google account via the extension and then start sending SMS through PC using the chrome extension.

Texty App Screenshot

So in short, Texy App for Android saves you loads of time, as you can now work and text at the same time using the same keyboard. But of course you’ll need to try to experience how awesome the whole interface and the speed the whole thing works. As soon as you receive a text on your Android device it pops on your Chrome extension. There’s isn’t much to set too, all you have to do is:

  • Download the Texty for Android app from the Android Market onto your phone.
  • Install the Texty Google Chrome extension on your browser, but first apply for the Beta over here. Once you’ve applied, a download link will be sent to your e-mail.
  • Login to you Google account on both the Texty app and the Google Chrome extension, it will start syncing all your contacts and SMS messages. You can however not want the extension to do that by using the settings tab.

That’s all you’ll need to be able to use this amazing and really very time management app when you’re at work or at home and your phone is charging or you’re just too lazy to type. It requires Android 2.2 and above with an active data/Wi-Fi connection. Also background data must be enabled on your device for this to work perfectly.

What do you make of this app? Would you download and use it and do let us know of any other SMS apps that you use to accomplish this task!