URL X-Ray: Find Original URL of Shortened Link

In today’s internet world where content sharing has become so common, sharing different web links and URLs is increasing. URL shortening services like,, Tiny url are used to share long URLs easily. However, there is also a downside of using these URL shortening services; online scam and phishing links can be masked using these link shortners and cause a real problem of unaware users.

One very effective way to save yourself from accidentally visiting any potentially hazardous websites which are masked by URL shorteners is to check those links to where they redirect. URL X-Ray is one such online service which allows users to check where the shortened URLs re-directs to.

In order to use URL X-Ray, all you have to do is access the website or make a bookmarklet of the service and paste the URL for scanning. Pressing the X-Ray button will show you the expanded URL and where the shortened URL leads to without you actually clicking it. This ensures that when you do click it, you are taken to the correct website and if X-Ray URL shows that the URL you received was a scam, you don’t have to click it.


After pasting the URL, click on the X-ray button and it will show you where the shortened URL lead to without opening it.

You can even install the bookmarklet in your browser to make sure that you dont open any scam or phishing links in order to improve your privacy and security.


There are many other methods to protect yourself from being a target of online scams and fake links and expand shortened URL, be sure to check on them as well. But I found X-ray URL to be the most convenient of them all as it does not require you to install anything on your PC and can be used by novice users who are doubtful about shortened links.

You can visit X-Ray URL here.

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