Upload Foursquare Photos to Flickr Using Flicksquare

Foursquare is a famous location based social-networking website that lets you check-in to places and tell your friends and family your current location and whereabouts. It’s another alternative to Facebook Places or Google Places, but is more widely used as it’s main purpose involves location-based services unlike its counterparts.

The Foursquare app is available across almost all the mobile devices enabling users to interact more easily, update locations on the move and upload pictures of where they’ve been. If you like to take photos on the move, then it is more likely that you upload it to the internet too and use services like Flickr to save them on the cloud. If you have both Foursquare and a Flickr account, then this is the right web service for you. It’s easy to remember too, because it’s called Flicksquare and uploads your Foursquare images directly to your Flickr account.

FlickSquare helps you post your Foursquare checkin photos to your Flickr account automatically! Just follow the four steps below, checkin on Foursquare with a photo, and your photo should automatically appear on your Flickr account! And don’t worry, you can always turn FlickSquare off later.

All you have to do when you visit the website is register using your Foursquare credentials and sync your Flickr account to it. That’s it!! The next time you’re taking pictures using Foursquare it’ll get directly uploaded to Flickr, automatically. Isn’t that wonderful? No worry of losing your Foursquare photos again. If you are aware of any other tool which helps to upload¬†Foursquare¬†Photos to Flickr then do share with us.

[ via Lifehacker ]