UnFolder – Free Cydia Tweak to Delete iOS Folders in One Tap

It’s really easy to delete applications on the iPhone. Just put the apps into the jiggle mode by holding them for a few seconds and then hitting the cross button. But what if you wanted to delete a folder. A new Cydia tweak for iPhone called UnFolder has been created by Filippo Bigarella to let you do exactly that. Video demo included after the break.

Imagine a scenario where you want to rearrange your iPhone applications and get rid of a particular folder. You would have to drag each and every app inside the folder out onto the springboard manually. But once you install UnFolder, you can just delete the folder and all the apps will automatically move out and place themselves on the springboard.

Unfolder delete ios folders at once

So far there is no official way to delete multiple items on the iOS device at once. Even UnFolder only removes apps from folder and places them on springboard. This new jailbreak tweak is created by the same guy who brought us SlideAway. I hope a future version of UnFolder will include ability to also delete multiple apps.

Here’s a video demo of UnFolder created by the folks at ModMyI,

Right now, the app is in the beta stages and hasn’t been released to the public. If you want to try it still you just need to add http://filippobiga.me/repo/

We’ll keep you posted once this new jailbreak tweak hits Cydia publicly. Keep subscribed to us. You can also follow the creater of Unfolder on Twitter here.