Understand Internet Browsers Privacy & Security options

These days every one uses Internet browsers, some on their laptop, computer and some on Tablets. NO matter, where ever you use it, it’s important to understand internet browsers privacy options to maintain security and privacy of your browsing activities.
Here I’m not going to talk about Incognito mode of Chrome, private browsing or no traces browsing options by different browsers, but we will look into some of the options most popular browsers like IE, Chrome, Opera, Firefox Offers.

While you are surfing on public computer you might need privacy to make sure your details like password, credit card information and other sensitive data doesn’t land into some wrong hands. Every internet browser has privacy options and by using these options you can keep your internet browsing private and secure.

Privacy settings of Popular browsers:

Privacy Options in Internet Explorer



To customize Security in Internet Explorer go to tools > Internet Options

Here you will find different tabs such as General, Security, Privacy etc. First we customize General settings .

  • Here you can change the Browser Homepage
  • You can delete cookies and temporary internet files according to your privacy level
  • You can clear IE browsing history
  • Now click on Privacy Tab
  • Here you will set the privacy level medium ,high or more
  • You can also enable or disable popup blocker
  • Besides you can add websites those you want to keep free from the action of popup blocker
  • You can directly on or off Popup blocker by Tools > Popup Blocker

Security and Privacy Settings in Opera



Opera Offers tons of privacy option

You can sweep all browsing history, cookies and every thing by a single command

Tools > Delete Private Data

Another cool Privacy feature is Private Browsing .you can do private browsing in private browsing tab .For this go to file > New Private Tab .All information and browsing detail is deleted by Opera after closing this tab .

  • You can delete browsing history from tool >History
  • You can delete browsing cookie from tools > Advanced >cookies
  • You can delete any wand password saved in opera from tools >Advanced >Password Manager
  • You can Block any website by tools >Advanced >Blocked Content
  • You can check any website with Opera Fraud Protection .tools >Advanced >Page Security Info
  • You can block or Open Popups by Tools > Quick Preference

Privacy Options in Mozilla Firefox


private Browsing firefox

Firefox is very advanced in privacy and security options

  • You can use private browsing by going to Tools > Start Private Browsing ( shift+ctrl+P)
  • You can clear Browsing history any time by Tools > Clear Recent History ( Shift+Ctrl+Del)
  • You can change Homepage by Tools >Options >General
  • You can block or allow Popups by Tools > Options > Content and you can also set exception urls for popup blocker
  • You can set history Options by Tools > Options >Privacy .Here you can set history never remember if you are very much sensitive for your privacy .Here you can also off history suggestion while typing any where in browser .
  • In Tools> options > Security you set
  • Block Harm websites Option
  • Save or do not save website passwords

Privacy Options in Safari


apple Safari Internet Browser is not so advanced as Opera and Firefox and it has limited security and Privacy Features

  • You can delete history by settings > History
  • You can start Private Browsing by settings > Start Private Browsing
  • You can clear all cookies ,urls and every thing by settings > Reset Safari
  • You can enable or Disable Popup Blocker by settings > Block Popup Windows
  • You can Change Homepage and scheduled History by Settings > Preference > General

No matter which web browser you are using, always set your Internet Browsers Privacy settings to make sure your sensitive data never fall in wrong hands.