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UltraSurf Desktop Proxy softwareWebsite blocking is nothing new to internet world. Usually education institutes, organization, companies blocks social networking websites like Facebook, Chatroulette and many others to enhance productivity. Though, I’m strongly against internet censorship and therefore here I’m going to talk about one of the best desktop proxy software call Ultrasurf. There are many other similar software’s like Ultrasurf such as: Your-freedom, JAp and many more but I always prefer Ultra surf over anything else.

What is Ultrasurf:

As I mentioned above, Ultrasurf is a desktop proxy software which connects to proxy server and you need to tweak your browser proxy settings to connect to Ultrasurf servers. Once you are connected to their server, you can start accessing any blocked website in your organization. The interesting part about Ultrasurf is, you can carry it in your pen drive and it doesn’t require any kind of Installation. So if software installation is blocked at your work place, you need not need to worry.  If your organization doesn’t allow changing your IE proxy settings, you might need to find another alternative, which we will talk in other post. I hope this give you a brief idea about what is Ultrasurf and now, lets look into setup part of this useful free desktop proxy software.

Note: It’s a Windows based application

How to use Ultrasurf?

Using Ultra surf is easy and all you need to do is download Ultrasurf from their official site. If proxy sites are blocked in your organization, you might need to download Ultra surf at your home and carry it to your office. You can use Dropbox or Google drive to quickly gain access to Ultrasurf in your office.

Once you have gained access to a copy of Ultrasurf, simply double click on u.exe and run it. It by defaults set your Internet explorer and Chrome proxy settings to use Ultra surf servers.

If you are using any alternate browsers like Firefox, Opera: You need to add following proxy settings

  • 9666

Once done, you will be able to access all the blocked sites in your office. This also helps in removing ISP based blocking. For example, recently in my country most of sites like Vimeo, PirateBay has been blocked and we have been getting message saying “Access to this site has been blocked as per Court Orders”, using Ultra surf you can get rid of such warning and access all sites including Piratebay and other torrent sites. Though I have not tried configuring uTorrent to use Ultra surf, but if you have done it, do let us know via comment.

You can also use this proxy software to hide your I.P and access websites with different I.P. If you have been in habit of using Proxy websites in your college and office, shift to Ultra surf and see the difference.


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  1. I have been using UltraSurf for some time now and I must it is a great utility…

    I heard of it for the first time on SML only 😉

  2. I use this ultrasurf to unblock sites especially FB and Orkut when I use my college’s digital library. 🙂
    Its really easy n light.

  3. Such softwares are boon for students. Though do you think those firewalls would block the appspot proxy sites too ? (Since it’s Google behind it ?)

  4. K so i attempted to download this on my ipod touch and i have ifile (a cydia app) and so i clicked the download button expecting it not to work but it actually said do u wish to save this file on ifile, so i did but now i am confused as to how i would work it using ifile.. Haha i know i must sound unintelligent but im just wondering if anyone else did the same thing and it worked.

  5. im using ultra surf, i can acess my fb bt d probm s dat i cant comment or send mesages n even chat?

  6. My ipod is jailbroken and i have been using ultrasurf my whole highschool years i linked it out too the entife schOol yadda yadda im curious as to how to use this on my ipod touch at school someone should make a ultrasurf proxy! Help please im open to different ideas

  7. Hi,

    Now we can easily unblock Twitter and Facebook using Gmail gadget’s.it simple.We can tweet,read tweets.

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