Two Best Internet Browsers for Java Mobiles

Java based mobiles lack advanced Internet browsers but still there are two very good mobile browsers work well for Java mobiles. These two Internet browsers support most of website functions such as login,YouTube and other online flash video streaming,form filling etc nevertheless these are unable to support JavaScript functions.



Bolt is a powerful Internet browser for Java mobiles. Browsing experience with it is much like with PC browsers. Bolt support flash streaming such as YouTube and other video websites.

Main Features of Bolt

  • Fastest Java mobile browser
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Supports YouTube video streaming
  • Webpage save option
  • Support downloads

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Opera Mini


Opera Mini is the prevalent Java mobiles browser and in most of the mobiles it is pre-installed. It play YouTube and other online FLV videos but play of videos depends on screen resolution of mobile. Opera Mini is a very quick surfing and more friendly for touch screen phone then Bolt.

Main Features of Opera Mini

  • Light weight and fast surfing browser
  • Support tabbed browsing
  • Webpage save support
  • YouTube compatible
  • Support resume action in downloads
  • Opera releases updates frequently

Download Latest Version of Opera Mini

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  1. Both of them are much more than cool,opera mini runs really fast and 100% error free,bolt can be used really as a computer,i enjoys facebook chat through it.

  2. absolutely right th two best mob browsers are operamini and bolt…
    and bolt is best for facebook…..

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