Two Best Free Online Vector Editing Tool

There are many free and fantastic photo editing tools available online with which we can edit and enhance most of popular and prevalent image formats such as PNG,JPG,GIF and PSD. We have already written an article on famous online image editor PRNTSCR ( originally Pixlr ).

But if we talk about vector drawing then there are only few online tools for this purpose and here we are sharing best online vector editor and creator tools.

1.Aviary Raven Vector Editor

It is the most famous online vector editing tool and it works like popular drawing applications such as CorelDRAW,DrawPlus etc. This free software is pretty advanced having all essential tools for line art such as curve tool,pen tool,pencil tool etc. you can also apply advanced gradient fill to your drawing objects. This program also supports layers for better and easy drawing.


Top Features of Raven

  • Create drawing and graphics like Ai Illustrator and CorelDRAW
  • Advanced drawing tools such as curve tool and smooth pencil drawing tool
  • Linear and radial gradient
  • Create as many layers as you want
  • Import and export your artwork



Fatpaint is recently launched online vector drawing tool. Literally it is much advanced than Raven vector editor and it has better drawing options. Besides object drawing tools Fatpaint also has advanced object selection tool including magic wand tool.


Top features of Fatpaint

  • Advanced line art tool such as spine,curve,pencil vector drawing tools
  • Special object drawing tools such as star,spiral etc
  • You can create multiple layers
  • You can create and sell your painting on


Now do let us know what do you think about online vector drawing? Is it really effective ?