Tutorial: How to Jailbreak PS3 using Kmeaw 3.55 CFW

In a previous post we discussed all the pros and cons of jailbreaking your PS3 system. If you came to this post after reading that you clearly have decided to take the leap to the dark side. This tutorial will show you how to jailbreak a PS3 slim model on official firmware 3.55 or less. If you have a firmware version higher than this, there’s no existing jailbreak solution for you yet and also Sony does not allow firmware downgrading.

The amount of resources and tutorials available online for jailbreaking PS3 is much scarce as compared to that of an iOS device. That’s because Sony hates you for even thinking about such things.

Sony is of the opinion that they own the console even though we paid full price for the PS3 system and we have no rights to modify it. The whole gaming community however thinks otherwise. For example, out of the many reasons to jailbreak a PS3 it’s the ability to play MKV files that I need most. Why should Sony be able to deny me that!

Playstation3 jailbreak

Follow these instructions very carefully. The jailbreak can be removed at will by restoring using the official firmware.

This tutorial has been tested to work on PS3 slim models including the latest 320GB unit that comes with a Move bundle.

Files required to Jailbreak PS3:

  • Official PS3 Firmware 3.55 (OFW)
  • Kmeaw 3.55 Custom Firmware (CFW) – Combined Download link for both firmware files
  • MultiMAN 2.00¬†Full package
  • BDEMU (Bluray disc emulator) package

Instructions to Jailbreak PS3 using kmeaw cfw 3.55:

If your Playstation 3 is already on firmware version 3.55 you can proceed with installing the kmeaw custom firmware directly. Else, you first need to upgrade to 3.55 OFW.

How to Update PS3 with official Firmware file:

The firmware files you downloaded earlier has both original and custom firmware. On a USB drive create a new folder called PS3 and inside that another new folder called UPDATE. Paste the firmware file inside PS3>UPDATE> and rename it to PS3UPDAT.PUP

Plug usb drive into PS3 and then install PUP into the PS3 from XMB (Settings > System Update > Update via Storage Media).



We have earlier published a full tutorial on how to manually update PS3 using USB drive for more info.

Install kmeaw 3.55 CFW:

After you’re on official firmware 3.55, follow the same method as above to install custom firmware. Only this time use the file from CFW 3.55 folder.

After installation is done and PS3 restarts you should be able to see some new options in XMB > Game such as Install package file.

Install Package Files:

We’re almost done now. Just copy the two .pkg files (Multiman and BDEMU) to the root of your USB drive and they will appear under Install package file option in XMB. Select any and press X to install. Repeat for another package.

Now just launch MultiMAN like you launch any PS3 game and enjoy!

Multiman ps3

Multiman itself may take some getting used to at first but you’ll find the common shortcuts on screen to guide you through. We’ll write a dedicated multiman article soon enough.

Tip: The latest version of multiman also includes some extra useful packages like BDROM reset and last game played. You may or may not install these depending on your needs. These will just save you time and allow you to do some simple tasks without launching multiman everytime.

Usually this is the only utility you’ll ever need for all your needs like watching MKV videos, playing backed up games from internal or external hard drive etc.

So are you going to Jailbreak your PS3 and show Sony that you don’t like their policies?