Turn your iPhone 4’s LED light into Flashlight with Free App

The iPhone 4 was the first iPhone to get the LED flash for its camera. Why not put it to some good use by downloading this free Flashlight App. Made by Surpax Technology, Flashlight ¤ has a very clean and simple interface allowing you to use iPhone 4 as a torch/flashlight. Also supports a variable strobe/blinking mode.

This app will only work on the iPhone 4 and not other devices like iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone 3G/3GS since they do not have an inbuilt LED flash.

Flashlight iphone 2

The design of the Flashlight resembles that of a conventional torch or flashlight you might have at home. A slider switch turns the light ON and OFF giving you a virtual iPhone torch.

Flashlight iphone

You can also rotate the dial on top to customise the iPhone flashlight’s blinking frequency. The highest setting is 9(nine) for rapid blinking effect while setting the Flashlight at 0(zero) will give you constant bright light.

Summer brings frequent powercuts. This year, just keep your iPhone 4 close with this app installed. Since the iPhone 4 has multitasking, there is absolutely no delay in launching the app.

The design of the app complements that of the iPhone 4 itself. The app is available in the App Store for free and can be downloaded from iTunes. However, the app is supported by ads and you’ll see some unobstructive ads at the bottom.

Let us know, how you like the iPhone Flashlight.

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