Turn Your iPhone into an ECG Machine with iPhonECG App

This new iPhone App and also a clinical device attaches to your iPhone and does wonderful things that normally you’d have to pay a huge sum for. The app is called the iPhonECG and i’m sure just by the name you’d have known that attached with the case this app turns the iPhone into an ECG reading machine. It also works with the iPod Touch and the iPad, though obviously not as a case.

The case connects to the iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad via Bluetooth and it’s supposed to hit the market with a price tag close of $100 including the app. The case is developed by a company called AliveCor and has two electrodes behind the case that isn’t as great as a real ECG machine but does the job quite well monitoring your heart rates and patterns. Check out the video below and see how it works:

The device will be showcased at CES next week. Thus, once it’s launch you won’t have to spend a lot on medical checkups of your heart, that is if you trust this device.

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  1. I am gonna try app for sure. I’ll get back to you and give my reviews.

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