TuneIn Radio: Best Radio App for Mobile Devices

If you happen to be a music lover you’d definitely want to have a Radio app on your phone so you can listen to your favorite genre of music and find out what new songs are playing around the world.

Certain phones like the iPhone don’t come with a radio, so you’ll need to utilize certain internet streaming based Radio Apps to get the job done. Of course there are lots of free Internet Radio apps that you can download and use it on your device. Even people with radio’s on their device hardly ever use it because you get broadcasts from only that certain area. Internet radio on the other hand handles almost all available Radio stations across the world and requires an active internet connection.

One such Radio App that I’d like to discuss and recommend to all those music lovers is TuneIn Radio. The best thing about this App is that it’s available across many different mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Palm, Windows etc. And to make things better, TuneIn Radio is available for free on most of the platforms and provides you with the ability to choose between over 40,000 radio stations from all over the world. And it’s not just music, you can also listen to live Podcasts, Talk Shows and much more.

Why do I recommend this to you? Well, first of all it’s a very easy to use application and isn’t heavy on your phone and won’t take lot of storage, secondly if you’re connected to the internet via a fast Wi-Fi connection then you can listen to the radio non-stop without facing any buffering problems. I use this almost everyday and not once I have had to wait for the music to load. The sound quality is amazing even at 64kbps, but you also get the option to stream music at 320kbps if you want to make use of those brand new headphones that you spent a fortune on!!

For iOS devices like iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad the TuneIn Radio App will cost you $0.99, requires iOS 3.0 or later and can be downloaded from the App Store.

For Android Devices, you can either search using your phone’s Android Market or download it from the Android Web Market. Doesn’t cost a penny and requires Android OS 1.5 and later.

For devices running on Palm’s webOS(basically Palm Pre and Pixi) you can download the TuneIn Radio App from here. Requires webOS version 1.4.0 and yes its FREE.

If you happen to own a Samsung Bada OS device like the Wave and Wave II you can download TuneIn Radio from Samsung Apps.

To get TuneIn Radio for Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry you’ll have to visit TuneIn from your device and download it directly.

Also available for Google TV, Yahoo TV and Roku. For more information visit TuneIn.

Do try out this amazing radio app and give us your feedback and also other such Radio Apps.

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