TRAI Removing Roaming Charges & Inter-circle MNP: India

Couple of days back, TRAI (Telecom regulatory authority of India) imposes a new rule to limit the sending SMS limit to just 100 per day.  This changes was actually welcomed by all general users and probably a nightmare for all promotional companies and companies which relies on SMS marketing. Anyways, the rule has been imposed and some changes were made afterwards which we will talk later. Here is another big and some good news for Indian telecom users,  Government of India has decided to remove all the roaming charges from all Telecom Networks which will make the perfect policy of ‘One Nation, One License’.

The policy has been accepted as well as approved by the Government of India in relevance with Kapil Sibal, the central minister of communications and information technology, who will soon unveiled all the drafted Telecom Policy of 2011.

The policy will now allow all the telecom Operators to operate phone calls across the entire country with a single license as opposite to the circle-specific licenses which were in place till now in the country. And as a result of that, the Indian Government has also removed all the roaming charges on all the inter-state calls.

While in addition to that, there is another good news for the public, Inter-circle mobile number portability will also come into place into the Indian economy which will mean that you will be now allowed to Port any number for any operator across the entire country in India. This feature of extra-state mobile number portability was not allowed and accepted before.

The New TRAI Policy will figure some more of the following Highlights

  • A new Policy that will bring integration of all telecom operators.
  • TRAI will extend their support in providing new licenses as well as migration to new licenses along with exit policy.
  • Spectrum to be enhanced to 300 MHz by 2017 and to 500 MHz by 2020.
  • New Policy will allow the Telecom Networks to trade and share as well as pool the whole spectrum.

What Inter-circle changes meant for general public?

As it is MNP removed the boundary of changing your mobile operator while retaining your current number was a big step. If you are not aware of MNP, you should read: Things you should know about Mobile number portability. Though it was limited to same circle and you can’t use MNP if you are changing states or circle. With new Inter-circle or inter-state MNP, you can retain the same number when you are changing your state. This is particularly very helpful for people who are students or people whose job requires to switch places all the time.
Similarly since there will be no roaming charges, it means you can consider to not to opt for MNP and stick with current operator at the same price. Specially in India, where 3G charges are huge and there are some operators who charges very little for 3G for example MTNL offers 6 month unlimited 3G for 4500, this whole change will make the 3G charges more competitive and since more competition, we can expect better service from mobile operators.
What’s your opinion about Inter-circle MNP and free mobile roaming for Indian telecom industry? What are the possible benefits you see for a normal telecom consumer?
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2 thoughts on “TRAI Removing Roaming Charges & Inter-circle MNP: India”

  1. MTNL already withdrwan its 3G rs 4500 6months plan yesterday … so these new TRAI changes doesnt make any difference to 3G customers.

    Looks like 3G will be expensive for Indians.

  2. 3G is very expensive in India and will be till its adopted extensively, will have to wait for competitive plans from telecom providers.

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