Track Storms and Weather Updates on Your Android Device with 2 Amazing Apps

Storms and Tornadoes are no doubt a force of nature that cant be avoided altogether, even with all the technological advancements in the weather forecast industry the best we can do is get out of the way of this nature’s ferocious phenomenon.

Although our weather channels provide minute-to-minute update of any weather calamity but if you own an Android phone then you can carry some pretty useful storm tracking and weather forecasting apps in your pocket. Here is a brief run down of these apps:

My Cast Weather Lite


You will find loads of forecasting apps, storm tracking and radar apps on Android marketplace but one app that will definitely catch your attention is My-Cast Weather Lite.

The app is basically a radar storm tracker but it offers features like forecasts, weather alerts, maps and current weather conditions. App provides local weather alerts based on your location and also gives an easy to read forecast.


My Cast Weather Lite also provides an RSS news feed for weather as well that you can find in the social section of app. You can download My Cast Weather Lite from Android marketplace.

Rainy Days for Android


This particular weather app is not a full fledge package, rather it is merely a radar app that gives you weather updates and conditions on a map. The app takes radar information and simply superimposes it on Google Maps.

The radar information available on Rainy Days app is very much detailed, it is also possible using this app that you can zoom-in and check out the weather conditions right above your home.

You can download Rainy Days from Android marketplace for free, the only thing lacking in this app is weather updates in any kind of dangerous situations. But overall it’s an amazing app with a really cool interface.

Do let us know in comments if you are aware of some good weather apps for Android devices.