TouchWiz 4.0 Ported to Samsung Galaxy S I9000

TouchWiz 4.0 which will be shipped with upcoming Samsung Galaxy S II has been ported to Samsung Galaxy S I9000. Samsung launched the Galaxy S I9000 sometime last year with TouchWiz 3.0 on Android 2.1 OS running on the phone. Then it upgraded the Galaxy S with Android 2.2 Froyo and minor updates to TouchWiz 3.0.

TouchWiz 4.0 Preview on Samsung Galaxy S II

Our friends over at XDA Developers are a hard working bunch, they eat, breathe and sleep Android and one of their members ‘Fear2142’ with help from ‘fguy’ from forum has now successfully ported the TouchWiz 4.0 to the Samsung Galaxy S I9000. TouchWiz 4.0 in its latest avatar has new icons and features.

Currently its been working pretty successfully on a few ROMs-RomKitchen Beta 2.1, Deoxed JVB, Crikselo Rom v37 and many others. But he’s still looking for beta testers to help him with testing it on their devices.

How to Install

  1. BackUp your phone.
  2. Use the file attached to the XDA forum post and use ‘recovery’ to install it.
  3. Copy files using root explorer and wipe the ‘dalvic’ cache


This is not for the weak hearted so try this at your own risk.


Here’s the video of TouchWiz 4.0 working fine on the Galaxy S I9000

via [XDA]