Top 5 iPhone Apps for Traders

This is a computer age where fewer men and more computer systems are employed to carry out any task, be it home-based or corporate. Computers have just gone beyond the vision of ordinary men and in fact thousands of people are there who do not know how computers can make their work a piece of cake. This incredible technology is continuously modifying its shape, size and features to meet the every day changing demands.

From the size of almost a store room today it is even smaller than a human’s palm, from the shape of a cupboard today it is shriveled to shape like a notebook and even a mobile phone and from the features that could only add and subtract now it can produce human-like robots. The most sophisticated, comfortable and resourceful forms of computers at present are smart phones. Smart phones like iPhone standout because these have so compact computers incorporated into a phone.

The iPhone is not just a fun phone to have. It’s actually a great tool for business owners. If you doubt this fact then being acquainted with iPhone trader apps is a must for you. iPhone apps are great tools for managing tasks related to business, organizing files and sharing data. Below are the top 5 iPhone apps for traders.


Cisco WebEX Meeting Center: This thriving app enables us to link up and join official meetings right from our iPhone. This app has not just limit us to audio but also we are facilitated to schedule and conduct meetings, share our iPhone screens along with the live annotations, send and receive live camcorder streaming and view documents. People working for forex must have this app. It also bestows tools with which one can easily talk to rest of the meeting attendees either privately or publicly.


Square: This worthwhile app allows us to accept credit card payments straight from our iPhone. It is developed to work with the free card reader services which appends straight to our iPhone. There is no subscription fee for this app whilst 2.75% of the received money is charged as a fee for every transaction. Money is moved to your bank account on the next day. If you are a forex broker then this app will save the stress of moving here and there for money collection.


Expensify: This app is certainly the best way to track your business expenses, particularly trading expenses. It is sync with the credit cards and bank account so as to maintain record of expenses.


Documents to Go

Documents to Go: It is a complete app for accessing, managing and editing documents of all kinds. It majorly supports PDFs, MS Office products, Apple iWorks.



Budget: This obliging app let all traders set a budget for the company to keep an eye on the inflow and outflow of assets. It will give notifications and alerts when you get near, or over cross, the set budget.


iPhone is designed for every type of people, but it also has some gratifying features for traders. Are you trader? If you are, then you should try some of these apps and give us your feedback.