Top 3 Portable Hard Drives Available in India Below Rs. 8000

Portable Hard Drives are not unknown to people these days. Portable Hard Drives are now available with much higher storage and much better features. That is the reason I decided to write this post. To help you guys to choose the best portable hard drive available in India. This topic was in my mind from the last week. I surfed the web, I read many articles and then I read a “Hard Drives Comparison” in a tech magazine. I had all the information I required to write this post so that’s why you are seeing this post.

It isn’t just the thing of today that people want more. People definitely want more and the storage is definitely not left when people want more. People want more storage and that’s when these portable hard drives come into play. They are cheaper, elegant and of course more portable than the internal hard drives. Portable Hard Drives can give you different options from 250 GB to 1.5 GB. The best hard drives providing companies would be SeaGate and Transcend. It certainly took me sometime to browse and search for the top 3 portable hard drives available in India but I am able to present you with them. Read on!

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Pro

Seagate, as mentioned above, is one of the best portable hard drive provider and this portable hard drive is totally a mixture of OK price and high features. The price, in my opinion, is just a little higher. I assume Seagate is just using its brand name to price a little higher. Moving on, this portable device is certainly a great buy when you are looking for a trusted portable hard drive. Below are the specifications.

Drive Capacity : 500 Gigabytes

Dimensions : 80 x 15 x 127 mm

Weight : 174.5 grams

Connector Type : Mini USB

Docking : Yes

Warranty : 3 years

Price : Rs. 5,999

Other than the price, Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Pro is a top-class portable hard drive which should be the first choice if you are searching for a portable hard drive.

Transcend StoreJet 25H2

Transcend StoreJet 25H2 is my favorite hard disk from the ones I considered for this article. It definitely defeats the hard disk listed above because it gives 500GB more drive capacity(as compared to the above one) for just Rs. 1660 extra. Transcend StoreJet c0mbines reasonable price and amazing features. All of it can just force you to buy this hard disk. Keep reading for the specifications.

Drive Capacity : 1000Gigabytes(1 Terabyte)

Dimensions : 80 x 22 x 128 mm

Weight : 258 grams

Connector Type : Mini USB

Docking : No

Warranty : 3 years

Price : Rs. 7,360

Seeing the specifications, this hard drive is totally a must buy. The price is fine and the specifications are great. So, buy this one if you have the budget and are looking for such a hard drive.

Silicon Power Stream S10

This one is a nice hard drive. Not too good and not too bad. My opinion about this hard drive was, when I read the specs for the first time, that this hard drive is below average. But after reading some reviews of this hard drive, I found out that it performs a lot well than expected. The low and affordable price just adds to the plus points of this hard drive. Value for money is great. The specs are nice as well. See them below.

Drive Capacity : 640 GB

Dimensions : 78 x 16 x 133 mm

Weight : 149.5 grams

Connector Type : USB 3.0

Docking : No

Warranty : 1 year

Price : Rs. 4,550

The best things in Silicon Power Stream S10 in my opinion is the 640 GB capacity for Rs. 4550, USB 3.0 and the lightweight, 149.5 grams. The only thing which I found bad was less warranty period. The 1st and 2nd hard drives in this list have 3 year warranty as opposed to 1 year warranty for this hard drive. But, I guess the price covers it all.

So, those were the top 3 portable hard drives below Rs. 8,000. My pick is Transcend StoreJet 25H2. Which is your favorite in these three? Which one would you like to buy? Do comment.

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  • Sagar July 24, 2011, 9:37 am

    I would not go for Transcend at all because I have 2 Pen Drives of Transcend, 4GB and 8GB which are not of good quality(The material it is made up of says its story) and have very less read and write speed compared to other manufacturers, so I prefer to stay away from Transcend. I would either go for an WD or Seagate external hard drive.