Tip: Test FaceTime Calls on iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G Using Your Mac

We have received a lot of requests from our readers to help them test FaceTime video calling. Now obviously, despite our eagerness to help all our readers we can’t afford to personally help everyone. So here’s a tip to take advantage of FaceTime for Mac(beta) and make test calls to yourself.

Whether you want to test your modem or router’s compatibility with FaceTime or the quality of the audio and video calls. These are the most common queries from our readers. Some want to make sure a modem works with FaceTime before purchasing it while others wonder what exactly is preventing them from making successful FaceTime calls.

Facetime for mac air

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How to Test FaceTime calls:

First activate FaceTime on your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G. If you haven’t already done it refer to our guide on How to activate FaceTime)

Now Download FaceTime for Mac here and Install it. You will need two separate Apple IDs to sign in to FaceTime on your iPhone and Mac. Once you have signed in to both you are ready to test FaceTime.

  • To call from iPhone to Mac add the email address to a contact and hit FaceTime.
  • To call from Mac to iPhone add the phone number to a contact

To make calls to iPod Touch users will need to similarly add email address to a contact.

Facetime iphone 4 to mac

If everything is in place, the calls should reach the other device. Please note that you need both devices to be connected to a wi-fi network. It doesn’t have to be the same network. The Mac can also be connected to any other source of internet other than Wifi like USB or Ethernet.

In case the FaceTime call fails the first time or says User unavailable sign out of both devices and Sign in again.

Let us know how this Facetime test calls work out for you.

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