Tip: How to Show Folder Size in Finder [Mac OS X]

This tutorial shows how to display Folder size in Finder so that you can sort folders according to size. As you know by default Finder only shows size of Files and not folders.

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I found it very irritating to see Finder not displaying Folder sizes. I had to launch Inspector every time I wanted to see Folder Sizes and check which folder was consuming how much disk space.

Thankfully, looking into a few developer forums I learnt that Mac’s Finder does have a way to enable this. I’m sharing the same with you here.

Instructions to Show Folder Size in Finder:

Launch Finder by clicking on the Finder icon in your Dock.

Select any Folder and switch to List View.

If you do not know how to switch to list view you can do any of the following.

  • Click on View Menu and Select as List

Finder view as list

  • Press Command + 2 on your keyboard
  • Click on View as list icon in Finder(Snow Leopard)

Finder view list shortcut

Now go to View Options and select Show View Options(Keyboard Shortcut: Command + J)

Mac finder show view options

Select the checkbox beside Calculate all sizes and then select Use as Defaults

Finder will take a few minutes to calculate the sizes and the changes won’t be effective until ten to fifteen minutes depending on your folder structure.

Finder show folder size

As, you can see in the screenshot above now I not only have folder size displayed in Finder, I can also sort list according to size.

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