Tip: How to Quickly View Your Mac’s Serial Number

If you ever need to lookup your mac’s serial number for checking warranty status or while talking to Apple Support people, then this small tip will save you a lot of time. The normal longer approach is to launch System Profiler.

View Serial Number using System Profiler:

View mac serial number 5

First, let me tell you the longer conventional approach to view your Mac’s system information. Launch System Profiler from Application > Utilities or just type System Profiler in Spotlight(Command+Space).

View mac serial number 1

System Profiler will, by default, open with the hardware tab showing both the Serial Number and Hardware UUID among other system details.

Quicker Method to View Mac’s Serial Number:

View mac serial number 2

Click on the Apple logo on the Menu Bar(Top left corner of the screen) and then select About this Mac.

View mac serial number 3

Now click on the version number to cycle through the following three fields:

  • Version
  • Build
  • Serial number

View mac serial number 4

So a double click on the version will reveal your Mac’s Serial Number. Simple, right!