Tip: How to Place Dock in the Corner [Mac OS X]

This is probably the last in the Mac OS X Dock Tweaks series. I saw this in a screenshot posted by a friend and really wanted to know how to do it ever since that moment. Finally, I found the terminal commands to put Dock in the corner of your Mac’s screen.

Interesting Terminal Tweaks for the Dock in Mac OS X:

Before we proceed please note:

All these terminal tweaks for the Dock in Mac OS X, can be restored to original settings

To Launch Terminal, type Terminal in Spotlight(Cmd+Space) or launch manually from Application > Utilities

After every tweak you need to restart the Dock for the changes to be effective. To do this type killall Dock in Terminal and press Enter.

Instructions to Place Dock in Corner:

Using this simple tweak you can place the dock in any corner of your screen. Whether you place the dock at the bottom of your screen or on the left and right sides, by default it is placed in the middle. In the example below, I have pinned it to the end and then placed it along the right.

Pin dock end right mac os x

You can change dock’s pinning with these terminal commands:

To pin dock to the start type: defaults write com.apple.dock pinning -string start

To pin dock to the end type: defaults write com.apple.dock pinning -string end

Don’t forget to restart the dock using the killall Dock command, in order for the changes to be effective.

To restore default pinning(middle) use the following command:

defaults write com.apple.dock pinning -string middle

Do tell us how you liked this Mac OS X Dock tweak? In case you come across some more, don’t forget to share them with us and the CAG readers via comments.