Use Tinychat To Add A Group Video Chat Toolbar on Your Website

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could video chat with a friend or get support for a problem on a website, without the need to type in lengthy emails or messages. Tinychat was launched just to do that. This is not a new service, but it has been seen creating a buzz among a lot of websites, specially those of companies, celebrities and well, anyone who wants to add IM, Voice and Video chat to his/her website.

Tinychat is mainly known for it’s video chat and is used by almost 8 million users worldwide and like the Wibiya toolbar even this provides an option for a website owner to add video conferencing toolbar to their websites.

Recently, Tinychat added a new feature that lets publishers and webmaster to integrate this amazing toolbar on their websites without any hassles. Very easy customization and settings that can be completed in minutes and the toolbar can be used on the website for IM’s, Voice and Video conferencing. To sign in to the chat, you can either use your Facebook Id or Twitter Id. A publisher has to first register at Tinychat to be able to add the toolbar onto your website, and can use his/her Facebook Id here too.

If you would like to add the Tinychat Toolbar to your website, then register at Tinychat and get your toolbar custom embed code from over here.

[ Source: Tinychat ]