Things Not To Do On Facebook

5 Things Not To Do On Facebook : Never Again!

I love Facebook but there are some things not to do on Facebook publicly. Like dirty laundry it really should be aired behind closed doors. It is time now to have an Internet Protocol and Etiquette manual for Facebook. Wouldn’t it be great to have people take some sort of lessons before they can start social networking?

Something that tells you ‘Facebook poking’ is so very last season (or last century) and that writing on people’s wall will make sure that their mother will read it.  Anyways, here are my top 5 peeves with what people do on Facebook.

Things Not To Do On Facebook

List of crap things to avoid doing on Facebook:

There is no good book or bad book guide for Facebook, but there are certain etiquette which we should follow to make sure our activity doesn’t irritate others. I’m listing some of them below and you can feel free to add one of your things, which irritates you the most on Facebook.

Getting mushy with your partner on Facebook:

Number One on the list is getting Mushy with your partner or spouse. So you are married to the world greatest guy or girl. You want to express your love and appreciation for their existence – sure I get that. But you live in the same house! You meet every night and probably speak 10 times a day! (If you get mushy on Facebook then one can safely presume you speak to each other 10 times a day!!) So why not use any of these occasions to express yourself? Why Facebook? Why us?

Even with your girl friend and boy friend, what’s the point of showing to the world, that how crazy and madly you love  your partner by writing status message which might not fit everyone. Though, you can always use personal tagging and keep the visibility to close group and list, but again something is better to convey in person. Is int it?

Tagging Everyone on your profile picture:

If you ask me which are the best things not to do on Facebook, I would emphasize more on using tagging feature carefully. Even on status and on Pictures. The second is tagging all and sundry on your picture. Yes, your picture is gorgeous and you want us to not miss it. So send a message, don’t tag us in all your pictures. Because every comment or like means that we get notified – I sure could live without that! Tagging should come with a disclaimer saying ‘tagging is not a toy – use with discretion‘.

Tagging on old-age pictures:

The third or maybe this is second part two… Putting up old high school pictures and tagging us on it. And leaving it public. There are things that I’d rather that the world and their uncle not see. It also then invites a spate of friend requests from people you have no memory of or just don’t want to be friend with. The other is putting up pictures where you look great but haven’t noticed that people around you have red eyes and look like they are going to a Halloween party. Really, don’t put them up, or correct and put, or at least don’t tag!! Or at least be courteous enough to ask your friend if you should upload and tag those picture or not. And for the sake of holly molly, set your privacy settings perfectly so that only your friends and tagged person friends can see it. Why do you want whole world to like and share your picture until unless you are a celebrity?

Random friend requests:

The fourth is the fourth and not the first because Facebook very kindly moves this to spam automatically. These are the random ‘you’re so cute’ – ‘let’s hook up’ friend requests and messages. Yes, Facebook is about connection but there is a big difference between stalking and getting connected. Specially, with such cheesy line, do you expect me or anyone to accept your friend request?

Who does this work for? Who says yes to them? So you’re thinking – here’s this hot chick, I’m a loser, chances are she’ll say yes??!!  Really, what are you thinking or not thinking! Still, if you are one of those who believe in dating on Facebook, you can refer to this guide “Date on Facebook” for better way to approach and continue the conversation.

Sending Facebook App request:

So you just landed into an awesome Facebook app which shows your crush meter or probably most stalked Facebook profile. I know you liked it and you want your friends to have it, sending notification is cool, but there are unlimited apps and if all my friends are sending my app request or Fan page request, how annoying it could be?

The last is a tie between sending app requests and adding to your Facebook group. Stop sending app requests – it’s been there and done that and never going to do again! And didn’t your momma tell you it’s impolite to just add people on to a group without asking them. Seriously, send a request – it’s the polite thing to do.

  • Stop sending random app request
  • Stop adding me on Facebook groups
  • Don’t send me any random Facebook page request

Wee certainly, there are many more things which can be annoying like when you keep updating your status back to back and bombard your friends time line or when you keep uploading random wallpaper on Facebook & tag all the friends. Well, list is endless but if you think once before doing anything unusual it will not only save you from future embarrassment but also you will be in the list of good Facebook friends. Choice is yours?

What one thing which you don’t want your Facebook friends to be doing on their profile? Do let us know via comment and also like & share this post on Facebook, to let them know what annoys you most on Facebook?

This is a guest post by Cynthia Reese who is a freelance writer& currently she is involved in writing for LahondaWorld. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our guest posting guidelines.